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Ultimate Bird Feeders

Here is another product we hand make and have available at our shows and as well as shipped from our shop. This page is a work in progress so please check back often.

We sell our Ultimate Bird Feeders for $25.00 plus shipping

Our Ultimate Bird Feeders are all hand made with 100% American made materials.


Sorry this is such a long read, But here is WHY these are THE ULTIMATE BIRD FEEDERS!


Our feeders were originally designed for use in public areas such as zoo?s and parks.

Because of the design the birds can only get a beak full at a time. This means they cannot scratch the feed out on to the ground. This also means about 75% less wasted feed and you do not get the moldy piles in your yard which is unhealthy for pets and children.

This feed savings also means you only need to refill the feeder approximately 2 times a week.


What you want to keep in mind is that most of the folks who sell bird feeders are also the people who sell bird feed so if you are refilling everyday and back to buy more feed all the time they are VERY happy with your feeder selection!


Our bird feeders are also 100% wind proof which comes in very handy where we live in the country.


You can use any kind of feed from Thistle seed to sun flower, Any kind of feed for any kind of birds!


One thing you will notice is a large increase in small birds like Finches and the like. The small birds will actually zip through the tubes while they feed. This gives the protection from larger birds like grackles and blue jays that run the little guys off.

 The finish inside the tubes is like Teflon so mold and mildew cannot attach so this makes our feeders a snap to clean. Simply tap them on the ground or hard surface and all will fall out. They can also be washed in the dish washer. No more scrubbing and brushes.


 I have sold almost 3500 of these feeders all over the country and about 35-40% of our current sales are repeat customers.


If you like to feed the birds and do not want a second job to fill them then this is for you!


AS for squirrels: Because of the design the squirrels CANNOT get inside the feeder. The best they can do is pull out only a few seeds at a time. This frustrates them to the point that if your neighbors have an open style feeder then that is where they will go!


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


100% Hand Made with ALL usa made materials !


Available in : Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Almond and Fern Pattern



If you would like to order a bird feeder please contact us on our contact page or go to

Pricing is $25.00 + shipping  







 100% Hand made with all American Materials






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